Stenvalvet is one of the leading property companies that owns, actively manages and develops buildings for community services in Sweden with a total of approx. 110 properties and a combined market value of 12 billion SEK (Sept 2019).

We provide high quality premises for elderly care, law and justice, educational, healthcare and local and government institutions. The tenants are from the public sector; the government, county councils and municipalities. Our properties are grouped into two geographical sectors across Sweden.

Stenvalvet is owned by long-term institutional investors; Kyrkans Pensionskassa (Church Pension Fund), Kåpan Pensioner (Pensions for government employees, Kåpan) and Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning (The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research).

At Stenvalvet our mission is to create long-term and high-quality relations with our tenants and their operations. We maintain a local presence across our regions and strive to be flexible, easily accessible and provide rapid feedback to our tenants. Diligence, responsiveness and sustainability, those are the cornerstones that steer our interaction with our owners, tenants and, not least, those involved in the daily activities in our properties.